Activation of window opening through a remote control


You need one of the license
SuperVAG KEYread more
Diagnostic Tool SuperVAG Comfort VW read more
advanced Tools Toolbox - licence Speed read more

Supported: Volkswage, Skoda, Seat, Audi

SuperVAG KEY iconSuperVAG Diagnostic Tools With SuperVAG KEY or Diagnostic Tool Comfort VW:
  1. Find the model of the car in the list below. That shows you which control unit to choose: Central electric unit OR Central comfort unit.
  2. Select control unit.
  3. Start comfort function Central lock parameter overview.
  4. Choose new parameter Activation of window opening through a remote control
  5. Save new parameters with button “Write changes”.
  6. Check result after loading parameters (it will load automatically after saving changes).
  7. Test function on remote control.
SuperVAG Toolbox - special toolsWith application Toolbox – Speed:
  1. If function is not available via SuperVAG diagnostics, run Toolbox aplication
  2. Proceed communication with control unit Central comfot unit
  3. Choose function Comfort opening/closing windows via remote control
  4. When the function is done you will see confirmation message

Support models for function Comfort opening windows with remote control

AudiA28Z2000-2005Central comfot unit
AudiA38P2003-2009Central comfot unit
AudiA48E2001-2008Central comfot unit
AudiA48H2001-2008Central comfot unit
AudiA64B1997-2004Central comfot unit
AudiR8422007Central comfot unit
AudiTT8N1999-2007Central comfot unit
AudiTT8JElectronic central distribution
SeatAlhambra7N2011Electronic central distribution
SeatAltea5P2004-2009Central comfot unit
SeatAltea5P2010Electronic central distribution
SeatCordoba6L2002-2008Central comfot unit
SeatExeo3R2009Electronic central distribution
SeatLeon1M2000-2006Central comfot unit
SeatLeon1P2006-2009Central comfot unit
SeatLeon1P2009-2012Electronic central distribution
SeatMii1S2011Electronic central distribution
SeatToledo 5P5P2004-2010Central comfot unit
SeatToledo 5P5P2010-2012Electronic central distribution
SkodaCitigo1S2011Electronic central distribution
SkodaFabia II5J2006-2010Central comfot unit
SkodaOctavia1U1997-2010TOOLBOX license
SkodaOctavia II1Z2004-2008Central comfot unit
SkodaOctavia II face1Z2009-2012Electronic central distribution
SkodaSuperb3U2002-2008Central comfot unit
SkodaSuperb II3T2009Electronic central distribution
SkodaYeti5L2009Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenBora9M1998-2006Central comfot unit
VolkswagenBora1J1999-2005Central comfot unit
VolkswagenBora1K2006-2010Central comfot unit
VolkswagenBora5K2008-2012Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenEos1F2006Central comfot unit
VolkswagenGolf IV1J1999-2006TOOLBOX license
VolkswagenGolf Plus5M2004-2008Central comfot unit
VolkswagenGolf V1K2004-2008Central comfot unit
VolkswagenGolf VI5K2008-2012Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenJetta1K2004-2008Central comfot unit
VolkswagenJetta5K2008-2012Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenPassat3B1997-2004TOOLBOX license
VolkswagenPassat3C2005-2009Central comfot unit
VolkswagenPassat CC352008-2011Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenRabbit1K2006Central comfot unit
VolkswagenRabbit5K2008-2012Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenScirocco132009Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenSharan7N2011Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenTiguan5N2008Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenTouran1T2003-2010Central comfot unit
VolkswagenTouran face1T2010Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenUp!1S2011Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenCaddy II2K2004-2010Central comfot unit
VolkswagenCaddy III2C2011Electronic central distribution
VolkswagenTransporter7H2003-2010Central comfot unit
VolkswagenTransporter7J2003-2010Electronic central distribution